How long does it take to set up for the night?

It takes around two minutes to pop the roof and ten seconds to get into bed!

Is it difficult to take the slide on camper off? How long does it take?

Here at Intrepid Campers we understand the importance of a stress free, easy set up and removal. To remove the camper, Wind the legs down with the electric drill – it takes around 15 minutes (and 20 to put back on)

How long does the battery last?

The solar panels will keep the camper going indefinitely. However, if you had a week of no sunshine you could charge the battery back to full charge in about two hours by running the car.

How much does the camper weigh?

The slide on camper weighs between 550 and 600kg depending on accessories, and you should work on at least 750kg loaded!

You don’t have a roll out awning, How hard is it to put the annex up?

Rollout awnings are heavy and protrude, our Annex is light and takes less than 10 minutes to set up.

Does the height of the camper cause any troubles on bush tracks?

The slide on camper is approximately the same height as a 4×4 wagon with a rooftop tent, therefore bush tracks aren’t an issue at all.

Does the car feel top-heavy with the campervan?

We have designed our slide on camper to ensure feeling “top heavy” is minimized.

Will it increase my fuel usage significantly?

Thanks to our low roof line our slide on campers are quite economical!

You say it’s Australian made, how much of it is actually made in Australia?

We believe it’s important to support and source from local, Australian businesses. Therefore, we do absolutely everything we can to ensure our materials are Australian made. However, there are some components that we must have made overseas. Despite this we still source from highly reputable, reliable overseas businesses and quality is of paramount importance to us. We also make some special components ourselves!

How hard is it to park? It looks big on the back of a car.

It fits in a car park that fits your 4WD!

Our slide on camper won’t fit in an underground carpark but that shouldn’t be a problem in Australia’s great outback!

What size car does it fit on?

Our slide on camper fits on an extra cab or single cab. Unfortunately, it does not fit on a double cab- but watch this space because a double cab model is in the works!

How many people can it sleep?

Two in the queen-sized bed and the table can be put down to make a single for your mother-in-law!

Can I access the inside with the top down?

Yes- all except the bed. You can get to everything like the fridge, sink etc. with the roof down. With a 2-minute set up time you’ll have full access!